Acceptable Margins of Risk

Its not so baaaaad

AMOR is a PVP focused corp based out of a C4 wormhole with a C3 and C5 static.

We are learning and improvement focused; every engagement is an opportunity to build competence for each individual pilot and the organization as a whole.

We are involvement and goal oriented; we want every pilot to contribute and feel included as we work toward long-term goals in the most unique and challenging environment in EVE.

What we do

Small & mid sized engagements are our bread and butter.

We accept “bat-phones” to assist our frien-emies for large scale ops.

Will help you with ISK generation through C5/C3 sites.

Skill Requirement

We require a main account and at least one alpha account. Omega alts are also welcome.

Main Account Requirements:

  • Cloaking 3
  • Astrometrics, Acquisition, Pinpointing, Rangefindering 3
  • Fly a T1 Drekavac Fit
  • 20m Skill Points
  • At least 90 days in-game
  • Some previous experience in J-space

Join us

Please join in-game channel “amor public” to apply!

Join our discord and come chat with us!